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Detta är en förhandsgranskning av hur ditt CV kommer se ut när du laddar ner det som PDF Uppgradera kontot för att ladda ner ditt CV utan denna box
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Susann Dutt

Senior Sustainability Adviser


M.B.A., International Business Administration (Environmental Economics), 20 years in the port industry as a strategic environmental, quality assurance and sustainability expert.

Accustomed to direct projects and communicate about sustainability issues at the local, national and international level.

Long history of international board and committee positions, including:
- Member of the board of Ecoports Foundation
- Representative of the Swedish Ports Association in the ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation) Sustainable Development Committee
- Manager of the international Onshore Power Supply project of the World Ports Climate Initiative within IAPH (International Ports & Harbors)
- Manager of the EU-funded Clean North Sea Shipping project WP4 - Clean Shipping Technology
- Chairman of the board of CSR West Sweden, the largest Swedish multi-disciplinary sustainability network

Frequent lecturer and moderator at international port conferences.

Committed, goal oriented and ambitious, strongly motivated to attain sustainable development.

Work experience
2018 -  
Dutt CSR Consulting AB - Founder, CEO and Senior Sustainability Adviser

- Advisory services related to climate & environmental issues, sustainability reporting, stakeholder dialogue, materiality analysis, anti corruption, code of conducts, human rights, social responsibility and Agenda 2030
- Project manager, speaker and moderator at conferences and facilitator during workshops
- Interim assignments as sustainability manager

Clients: Port of Gothenburg, RealStars, Hexatronic Group, Next StepDream Orchestra and Solberg Kommunikation.

2013 - 2017
Port of Gothenburg - Quality Manager and Sustainability Specialist

-    In charge of ISO-certified management systems for environment, quality assurance and workplace, internal and external audits, performance reviews, process updates and organisational development

-    Coordination of business planning and target fulfilment

-    In charge of developing the sustainability efforts within financial, environmental and social responsibility

-     In charge of sustainability reporting. In 2017, Port of Gothenburg was a finalist for the best sustainability report of the year

Proudest achievements: the development of Port of Gothenburg sustainability effort, top-ranked sustainability reporting and rapid progress in the area of equal opportunity

2010 - 2013
Port of Gothenburg - Sustainability Manager

-    In charge of the development of the CSR-agenda within the port

-    Manager for development and implementation of a code of conduct for Port of Gothenburg

-    Participation in international collaboration and networking within the sustainable development committee of the European Sea Ports Organisation

-    Lecturer and  moderator at international port and environmental conferences

-    Received the 2011 Global Energy Award  for the successful implementation of Onshore Power Supply in the Port of Gothenburg

-    Management of EU-funded Clean North Sea Shipping project and the international Onshore Power Supply project for the World Ports Climate Initiative (see separate description)

-    In charge of the collaboration with terminals to minimise the port’s carbon footprint

-    Participation in the City of Gothenburg effort to develop an environmental programme and climate change strategy

Proudest achievements: the Code of conduct that remains in force, the international attention attracted by the port’s environmental effort, the contributions to the city’s short-term and long-term global warming targets.

2010 - 2012
Port of Gothenburg - Managed the EU-funded Clean North Sea Shipping project

-     Coordinator, catalyst and organiser of workshops, meetings and assignments for the 16 other organisations involved in Work Package 4 - Clean Shipping Technologies

-    Member of the Management Committee for Clean North Sea Shipping

-    In charge of monitoring and coordinating activities pursuant to the project plan, including coordination in between the various work packages

-    In charge of updating the steering committee on a regular basis concerning the latest developments, challenges and roadmap

-    Internal and external communication of progress, including Work Package 4

-    Speaker at internal and external conferences

Proudest achievements: successful management of a project with many participants and nationalities

2009 - 2015
Port of Gothenburg - Manager ofor the Onshore Power Supply Project within the World Ports Climate Initiative

-     In charge of the project collaborating  with ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg and IAPH Europe

-     Constructed an international website about the onshore power supply technology:

-    Attracted widespread media coverage, including four international articles in spring 2010

-    Proactively marketed the project by lecturing at various international port conferences, including GreenPort 2009 Naples & ESPO Sustainable Development Committee, IAPH Europe 2009 Hamburg, GreenPort 2010 Stockholm.

Proudest achievements: the great attention and interest that the technology has received by ports around the world

1998 - 2010
Port of Gothenburg - Environmental Controller

-    Overall strategic environmental management effort pursuant to ISO 14001 at Port of Gothenburg

-    Directed development of the port’s corporate social responsibility agenda (all three aspects) starting in 2007

-    Initiator and manager for the Mötesplats Miljö environmental network, 2005-2010

-    Helped Port of Gothenburg receive a number of international environmental awards

-    Lecturer and moderator at international port and environmental conferences

-    Led environmental management system for the entire port, environmental port tax credits and adoption of carpooling

-     Implementation of environmental and corporate social responsibility trainings, workshops, breakfast seminars and field trips

Proudest achievements: my contribution to the international prominence of the Port of Gothenburg environmental effort and highly favourable coverage by the media.

1996 - 1998
Trollhättan Municipality Private Sector Office - Manager, Environmentally Sound Private Sector project

-     In charge of raising awareness about environmental issues associated with sustainable social development, profitability and competitiveness for small and medium-sized businesses in the municipality

-    Among the methods that stimulated greater commitment among the companies were trainings, workshops and individualized file folders

Proudest achievements: the widespread attention that the methods attracted in Sweden and abroad, as well as the involvement of the participating businesses

1995 - 1996
Swebus - Environmental Assistant

My main task was to update the Swebus environmental manual and put together an environmental management system for the various districts

Proudest achievements: all the attention the manual received from the Swedish bus industry

Spring 2016  
Chalmers Professional Education
LEAN for Managers, 6.0 credits
Spring 2016  
1993 - 1994
Chalmers University of Technology
Environmental Technology, 3.5 credits, and Industrial Quality Assessment Technology, 3.3 credits
1993 - 1994
1991 - 1994
University of Gothenburg
International Relations, 35 credits
1991 - 1994
1989 - 1994
University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law
M.B.A., International Business Administration, 160 credits

•            Spanish (Economics)

•            Advanced: Environmental Economics

•            Degree Project: Socio Economic study of the Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Services, San José, Costa Rica

1989 - 1994
Spring 1989  
Stockholm University
Spanish, 20 credits, and Legal Overview, 10 credits
Spring 1989  
Autumn 1988  
Salamanca, Spain
Autumn 1988  
1986 - 1988
Jakobsbergsskolan, Järfälla municipality
3-year Social Science programme
1986 - 1988
Courses and conferences
Board and committee positions
Climate calculations according to GHG, 1 day - 2019
Responsible Supply Chain, 2 days - 2019
Risk analysis - identify, handle and report sustainability risks, 1 day - 2018
Safeguarding, 2 days in London - 2018
• Certified training: Boards in Focus, 2 days - 2016
• New ISO 9001:2015, 1 day - 2016
• Certified training: GRI G4 Sustainable Development Reporting, 2 days - 2014
• Quality Assurance Management 20 days, 2013-2014
• Annual Almedalen National Political Conference 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
• 2-4 conferences each year dedicated to environmental, sustainable development and port issues, 2008-2014
Representative of the nominating committee of the Realstars Association

RealStars Ideell Förening Sverige is an unaffiliated nonprofit organisation founded in 2010 by Malin Roux Johansson to combat human trafficking

Member of the jury for Nyttigaste Affären (Most Valuable Business)

Nyttigaste Affären started in 2015 to highlight ways of benefitting clients and society in the most profitable manner possible

Member of the board of the Dream Orchestra Association

Promotes social integration of unaccompanied child refugees from 11 different countries. Play three times a week at Betlehemskyrkan Church, directed by Ron Davis Alvarez,

Chairman of the board of the CSR West Sweden

The largest multi-disciplinary corporate social responsibility network in Sweden

Offers skills development, inspiration, tools and networks

- Venue for sharing knowledge and experience among private, public, community and academic institutions

Vision: a region in which all organisations assume responsibility and make a difference for the world

Member of the board of CSR West Sweden

The largest multi-industry corporate social responsibility network in Sweden and the node of Western Sweden’s efforts

Scholarship Director at the Gothenburg Suzuki Association

I have helped the association obtain scholarships totaling more than SEK 300,000

Representative of the Ports of Sweden on the Sustainable Development Committee of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO)

The task of the committee is to promote environmental issues from the point of view of European ports. Discusses and updates us about upcoming legislative amendments, talk about proactive positions, including the 2010 ESPO Green Guide, which the European Commission highly appreciated:

Member of the board of the Ecoports Foundation

Scholarship, environmental and human resource manager at the Föräldrakooperativet Sjöhästen Parent Coop

Jill Söderwall , Corporate Management, Vice President, Energy and Cruises Göteborgs Hamn AB Port of Gothenburg

It is my pleasure to recommend Ms Dutt as a potential employee. She excels when it comes to commitment to sustainable development issues, capacity for work and quality performance. I have had the privilege of working with her in several different capacities. As a member of corporate management, I value her ability to develop codes of conduct and coordinate other challenging projects. I am particularly proud of the code, which we implemented very efficiently and with the wholehearted support of our staff. The plethora of national and international assignments that Ms Dutt has carried out through the years have provided her with a large network and venue to make her voice heard. December 2017

Birgitta Tideström Dahllöf , Corporate Manager Hogia

As a highly committed and proactive employee, Ms Dutt dedicated herself to upgrading our processes and quality assurance efforts, as well as the Port of Gothenburg sustainable development project (particularly from the point of view of social responsibility). She was highly valuable for me personally, including her assistance in performing my duties as head of the Business Support Division. I would be honoured to work with her again if the opportunity arose. November 2017

Åsa Wilske , Marketing Director Ramböll

Ms Dutt is highly proactive with respect to the economic, environmental and social responsibility spheres of sustainable development efforts. Her structured, committed working methods always keep these issues at the top of the agenda. Her unfailing advocacy has strengthened the Port of Gothenburg´s brand and left an indelible mark on the larger community. I strongly recommend her for similar positions in both the public and private sectors. Her talent for languages and global perspective make her highly suitable for international assignments. November 2017

Dr Christopher Wooldridge , Christopher Wooldridge, Professor of Environmental and Port Issues Cardiff University

"I am pleased to write in support of the character, conduct and qualifications of Susann Dutt as she seeks to establish new opportunities and challenges in the field of sustainable development. I have known her for more than ten years as a research colleague and network partner in port environmental management and sustainable development. During this period, I have been able to note her professional knowledge, see the application of her skills, and observe the social attitude and abilities that she brings to national and international programmes and projects. I can commend her, without reservation, as being worthy of strong consideration for professional posts in the above subject areas of professional practice. I can be contacted for further detail and explanation if required" (excerpt) November 2017